Thursday, May 28, 2009


just a few shots of my favorite blooms this spring. pear tree, roses (from eric, for no reason), lilies, peony, begonia, honeysuckle :) hope you have plenty of flowers around to make you happy!



JessiW said...

Beautiful flowers!! I have got to get me a SLR camera. If you love me, you could buy me one...Just Kidding. I know if you had the money you would. Love ya, Jess

Beth Perry said...

awww thank you so much for your comment. we had such a blast at the winery!!! I love those pics...those are beautiful! and your lollipop flowers below are killer!! I love them!
Have a good day, sweetie!!! Talk to you soon! :D

Maureen said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Euphoria said...

Oh, how pretty! I love flowers!! Great photos too!

Stace said...

Super beautiful photos :)

Congrats on winning the Shimmerz ;)