Friday, January 22, 2010


WELCOME TO OUR INAUGURAL BLOG HOP AT SCRAP THAT POETRY! My question to you today is this: What new product (new paper line, embellishments, manufacturer, etc.) captures your heart?

The STP site is where you should have hopped on with us, and I should be your 6th stop along the way. It's my pleasure to introduce you to Julie LaKose, one of our amazing new members!

* scrapbooker of about 8 years now
* madly in love with Jesus, my husband and my two fabulous kids
* I scrap everything from silly things my kids say to stories of my ancestors to answered prayer to favorite recipes to scripture. Pretty much all is fair game in my scrappy art world.
* my husband likes to ask of me "what fairy tale world do you live in?" 'cuz I prefer to see the positive and the hope in every little thing. he asks this of me pretty frequentlySmiley emoticon
* this is my very first design team position and my kids and I screamed like crazy and danced in circles and had brownie sundaes when I found out the happy, happy news.
* I don't watch tv. ever. Nothing against it, I'd just rather read or exercise or scrap.

We are very proud to have Julie as a new Designer at STP. In case you missed the link above, head over to see Julie now!

***REMEMBER to hop back to STP to let us know you've completed the HOP***

have a JOYFUL day!! ~~Tonia

Monday, January 11, 2010

two thousand...

...and flipping TEN???


my mom says my birthday will be special this year b/c it will be 10-10-10. i thought my birthday was special every year.

i know every new year brings out the yearning for change, but this year, i feel it even stronger. i know what it is. we've lived here for almost 4 years (which is the longest i've lived in one place in about 11 years. i'm bored, definitely wanting something different. eric's job is great...i shouldn't complain. we do ok. but, the current state of our country has me a little (and by a little, i mean a lot) apprehensive, and worried about the future. and i'm sick of sub. teaching. i want something different for myself, too. silas will start kindergarten in the goodness, this life goes by so quickly. so damn quickly.

christmas felt different this year. i've been down. i got to see my fam, though, and that was good. bittersweet, as usual, but even more so this time. many of you already know this, but my grandfather passed away on Jan. 5. We went to NC on Dec. 26th and came back to TN Jan. 3. so i ended up driving back by myself on the 5th to be there w/ my family for the funeral. i was glad to go and be with them, but it was exhausting. so emotionally draining. and i got sick, awfully sick, to boot. i'm just now starting to come up for air.

so, now it is two thousand and ten. anyone else think that is just unbelievable? who knows where it will take us...wherever it takes you, may your travels be safe and happy.