Monday, February 22, 2010

short and sweet

and to the point...THANK YOU, JACQUE for this sweet little journal!

 working 40 hours a week has sure knocked me on my @%*!! i don't know how you all keep up w/ scrapping, blogging, children, lives, and work full time. i think i will never understand that one! there is VERY little time left for anything after work/laundry/meals/kids...just enough time to wind down, sleep, and wake up to do it all over again. so, scrapping has taken a back seat, except for my design team duties at Scrap That Poetry. and blogging...the same. hopefully, one day i'll get used to it, and be able to WANT to scrap more, but right now, when i do have any free time, i just want to do nothing! 
oh yeah, and BASEBALL season is about to begin, so i'll barely be home at all w/ both of the boys playing!
i'll update ya'll if anything changes. :)
i do miss *talking* to many of you, my friends. i hope you are all well and having joyful days!
love, Tonia

Monday, February 15, 2010

love's a fire

that needs renewal.
design team work for Scrap That Poetry challenge blog :) come on over and play with us!!! poetry is so inspirational, and we love seeing all of your different takes on the poems!

Monday, February 1, 2010


for the current challenge at Scrap That Poetry! Come play with us!