Wednesday, July 29, 2009

pocket mini

ooh, this was soo fun. i adore this little pocket mini. next time, i'm gonna use longer envelopes o make it a bit bigger, but this one would still be fun for journaling or wallet photos. and oh my goodness, isn't it yummy!!??

so, i am pretty sure this is the start of my own etsy store. it is "green" b/c it's recycling envelopes (this one is just regular size card envelopes, but next time, i'm gonna use the long "bill" envelopes.) so, each page has a pocket opening on the outside, so it's actually a pocket, which is great for this size mini album to have the extra space. i am making the inserts now (post pics later)...i was just so excited i had to post the pics of the album right away!

and the pics are clearly posted in reverse order b/c i forgot that blogger did that, so the bottom pic is the front, and upward goes thru the album.



Beth Perry said...

I love the bright, fun, summery colors!! And the way you binded it! So awesome and so creative! You sooo need to do this as a C.C. night!! YOu wanna?

JessiW said...

Tonia, This is GORGEOUS!! I love it. Those papers look familiar:) You are definitely gonna have to make me one!

Tonia_and_boys_Inc. said...

thanks, chicks!

Euphoria said...

WOW- this is AWESOME!!! They're envelopes!?!? I gotta know how you did it!

LOVE the colors too, so pretty!

NICE work Tonia!!

Anonymous said...

ohhh... love this! and totally love the colors! Yum!
Popped over from the VP boards to see more.

Kim said...

this is FABULOUS! love those bright colors! I totally want to know how you did this too! I can't wait to see the inserts!

jacque4u2c said...

This is pretty awesome!!!!! I just love the colors and the details! It really rocks!