Thursday, October 2, 2008

Falling into Autumn

At right, an image which represents every weekday morning at my house. Eli has gotten more tolerant since this picture, and usually doesn't have to be coerced to grant his brother a goodbye hug. You don't want to be here if that hug is not hugged. I promise. Silas adores his hero, Eli.
At last, cool days. What a perfect reward from Mother Nature for a long and hot summer! It is sunny, and cool, and my house is taking cleansing breaths. I have begun to scrapbook again, now that I have created a space to do so. It feels good. Really good. It is so rewarding to have a hobby where the end result is so beautiful. It's emotional for me, to preserve these memories, to re-live the memories brought back by the photographs. It is to accept that they are in the past, that my children have grown, that nothing can stop the passage of time. Sometimes, this realization stops me in my takes my breath. Be with your family. Live with your family. You can not get this time back. It is also to be grateful for the present and hopeful for the future. I am so grateful to have two wonderful, beautiful, happy, and healthy little boys. Yes, at 7 and 3, I do believe, at the very least, I can still call them my little boys. Yesterday, I did a strawberry patch page, and it really made me anxious to get to the Pumpkin Patch. Fall is my absolute favorite. We had Eli's P/T Conf. last week, and his teacher, of course, loves Eli. He is doing brilliantly in 2nd grade, and we are so proud of him. Such a beautiful, sweet and sensitive soul. My first born son is seven years old. ahhh. Silas is hilarious, as usual. He's hangin' w/ the big kids now, and, accordingly, caught up a bit in the Hannah Montana phenomenon. His interpretation..."Girls say what what whaaat?". That kid. He's so beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that he is often mistaken for a girl. "Bless her heart". He can't help it that he's so pretty :) So, to sum up, we are all enjoying life, and the cooler weather. Oh yeah, and Jazz Saturday! More fun family time...and with wine! ;)

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