Monday, October 20, 2008

twenty-nine years.

my soul has moved about this earth for twenty-nine years now. in those years, i have grown, and i have loved. i have felt love in return. i have played important roles...daughter, grand-daughter, sister, aunt, friend, wife, mother. i have been sheltered in the warmth of a loving family, and given solid roots from which to grow. i have lived far, far away, and come back home. i have succeeded, and i have failed. i have tried, and i have achieved. i have had hope, and had dissappointments. my heart has been broken, and put back together. i have said many hello's, and too many goodbye's. i have shared my soul. i have given, and i have taken. i have brought life into the world, and i have mourned for lives that have ended. i see beauty, in so many things, and i am hopeful for the future. i am grateful for happiness and health. i am twenty-nine.

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