Friday, January 16, 2009

STM challenge

Somehow, I have maintained the presence of mind to focus on a layout today. Yesterday, it proved to be impossible. The challenge is from Scrapping the Music, and the lyrics I chose were "The story of us". I feel like I'm a storyteller when I scrap, and it really is about all of the little moments that make up our lives...our stories. The photo is of Eli helping Silas learn to bowl. To me, it represents how important those little everyday moments are in our lives. Eli teaches his brother every day, even if he doesn't even realize he's doing it. Silas just adores his older brother and models so many things from him. My sweet, sweet boys. Eli teaching Silas to bowl...just a a chapter...of their story.


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Anonymous said...

so true..we are storytellers! I love the layout, the sentiment, everything. great layout:)